Embrace the Bust and the Lust

Brent embraced his new chest after the feminization transformation machine was finally tested on a human, him! Years of research to fruition. He let go feeling the bounce and tug of huge boobs, his huge boobs, attached to a very female body! He was ecstatic the machine worked, and realized he felt good in his new body too! Even his desires were changing as the male scientists at the lab were starting to look “kinda cute” as he put it.

The only problem was, this was a feminization transformation machine, and they didn’t know how to reverse the procedure. They tried running the machine in a “backward” mode on test lab animals, but that didn’t work. It turned out they decided to make a masculinization machine. However they would find it was much easier to turn a man into a woman, instead of a woman into a man. The research project didn’t get results, and at that time Brent, who was already living as Brenda realized this would be her life from now on, a busty brunette.

The thing is, she didn’t even care, she would have never changed back anyway. She loved her new body and life, and would never give up her luscious boobs. She later left the research lab, and the company, and became a stripper! Her name was changed again from Brenda Banes to Lusty Busty, and she was a sensation at the club. Her favorite part besides all the attention? Taking three guys at once in the VIP room backstage after her dancing was finished. She had a big bust and lots of lust now!


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