Drunken Stupor

People say the craziest things when drunk sometimes, and Harvey was no exception to that, “If that wishing stone is real, then I wish I was a horny slutty secretary with her skirt hiked up being fucked by the CEO for a promotion through dick-tation.”

This must have been some kind of latent fantasy of his, or he actually wanted to be the CEO fucking the secretary, but it didn’t come out that way, and the stone glowed to everyone’s surprise. Suddenly right there at the office party in front of everyone, Harvey found himself riding a man, feeling him inside him in a place he never had before, a pussy. His skirt was hiked up, and his sexy stocking clad legs spread apart for easy access by her CEO, John Jacobs.

The alcohol in Harvey’s bloodstream was even more potent now in his much smaller body, as he was fucked in a drunken wave of shock and bliss until the CEO exploded inside him sending shivers of female orgasm throughout his own sexy new form. The other partygoers had the show of their lives, seeing a big burly man suddenly become a sexy secretary riding their boss, with both blazing into orgasm together.

“Harriet, baby, your moving up from secretary of Accounting to my own private secretary, congratulations, and by the way your performance today was excellent,” smiled the CEO while zipping up.

Soon Harvey now Harriet regained some of her soberness, and frantically looked for the wishing stone, but it was nowhere to be seen, and nobody now even remembered Harvey, just Harriet the office slut. She stumbled on her heels and fell on her face, and no one helped her up, and as she looked ahead she seen three cocks out and ready for her at the party! She had not only changed, but reality had, and Harvey was no more, except in her memories, so she could learn what she gained and what she lost from the wish. She was known as the sluttiest secretary around, and men offering her cocks at parties was no joke, and many times she couldn’t resist a good cock or two or three! Tears rolled down her cheeks as she was stuck as a woman and was now a nymphomaniac who craved men as well.


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