Don’t start without me.

Jason swapped bodies with his wife Emily 1 year and 7 months ago in the great shift just as they were planning to start a family and unbeknownst to them Emily was already 2 weeks pregnant.

So in the blink of an eye he went from husband and unbeknownst to him an expected father to wife who was expecting her first child which was a lot to take in at once.

But not even the great shift could affect their love for each other and even though Jason was not frilled with the idea of giving birth or carrying his own child he had little choice in the matter.

But despite all the effects of the pregnancy there love for each other never waned and despite Jason’s new pregnancy hormones making him extremely horny halfway through his pregnancy he just did not feel that he could make love to his old body.

Which was a sore point between each other but Emily respected her husband’s wishes and did not pressure him into doing anything he was not ready for.

Jason was just happy to have Emily by his side through the long months of his pregnancy and grateful for her help in teaching him almost everything he needed to know about being a woman and was grateful that he did not have to go through the birth alone when the time came.

That was almost 8 months ago and Jason had just spent five hours getting himself ready in some of the sexy lingerie he had bought his wife a couple of years ago feeling sexy for the first time since giving birth ready to surprise Emily when she return home from work.

But the minute they started making out the baby started to cry in the next room and despite the exciting feelings rushing through his excitedly wet body Jason had no choice but to go and attend their child telling Emily not to start without him as he left the room.


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