Do you have what it takes to work here (Part 1 of

“Thank you for applying for a job at Hemsworth Pharmaceuticals.” the woman said as Brad took a seat in her office “There’s just a few things we have to work out before you can begin working here, you see there are some discrepancies.”

Brad asked what the problem was and Miss Chelsea explained that they have a very strict uniform policy.

“You see we are the nations top seller of Fem-X and we feel that in order to properly sell it our sales people should experience it themselves.” Chelsea said “I did it, others have done it, it’s policy here.”

“I used to be like you.” Chelsea said unbuttoning her blouse and cupping her tits “A young business major right out of college, I was Charlie back then. In order to get this job and start paying off my student loans I complied with policy and took Fem-X, and look at me now, sexy legs, big tits, I’m on the rise at this company.”

“It’s not so bad.” Chelsea smiled picking up a needle “Now stick your arm out and we can do this right now.”


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