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Contaminated Lake (Part 2 of 5)

The next one the contaminated lake took effect on was John. Before he even realized what was really happening his shorts fell off due to his shrinking hips and shifting thighs. His damp hair was gradually snaking lower towards his ripening ass and his chest was sagging downward as he grew two large soft tits. Read more

Contaminated Lake (Part 1 of 5)

Lake Jacobson used to be like any other small town mountain lake, that is until one day in the Spring when there was an accident and a tanker full of the drug chemical Fem-X spilled into the lake, contaminating it’s waters. Fortunately the lake was deep in the mountains so people rarely swam in it, that is until summer when a group of four teenagers, Kyle, John, Chris, Helen and Nick went there for a day trip. Read more

Contaminated Lake (Part 5 of 5)

The group of friends let out a gasp as Nick began to change just has they had, not a single one spared from the reaction. Nick’s already long hair grew out even more as his as packed on some jiggle and his chest slowly puffed out into two ripe breasts. Feeling embarrassed Nick covered his new breasts as he felt the last of his manhood vanish between his legs. Read more

TG Fun Run

So I signed up for one of those charity runs where people throw that color powder at you, I figured it be a fun way to spend a few hours over the weekend. Read more

Do you have what it takes to work here (Part 1 of

“Thank you for applying for a job at Hemsworth Pharmaceuticals.” the woman said as Brad took a seat in her office “There’s just a few things we have to work out before you can begin working here, you see there are some discrepancies.” Read more