Get Used To It

After the role exchanger hit me, turning me from a 23 year old slim guy to this ridiculous pinup model, I hesitated to hang out with my old buddies who hadn’t been hit. They were all horndogs, and I really didn’t want the attention. Unfortunately, attention was something I got a lot of these days. The role exchanger gave me the body of my sister, who was a few years older than I but most people would call her conventionally pretty. Then, on top of that, I exchanged breasts with some fat lady, giving me a bigger rack than any girl I knew. On top of that I swapped my fashion sense with some hot topic employee, so now I have bright red hair, wear heavy eye makeup and revealing clothes. I wish I didn’t, but now its the only way I can feel comfortable.

After a week or so hiding in my apartment I decided I needed to take action, so I called up the old gang and we arranged to hang out at Hank’s place and shoot some pool like the old days. When I arrived I could tell that everyone was surprised at my new appearance, and that made me nervous. Even though the tight shirt I was wearing with the ridiculously low neckline took forever to pick out, I was perfectly aware how much cleavage it showed and how it clung to my now dramatic curves. Surprisingly though, the guys were really good for a while about making me feel comfortable, and for a while it seemed like nothing had changed.

Of course, I was definitely reminded of my body whenever it was my turn to shoot. Every time I leaned over the table to line up my shot, my fucking tits hung and swung despite the way-too-expensive bra I was wearing. I never expected in my life to suddenly become a woman, but if I had I wouldn’t have thought that my boobs would be the most difficult adjustment. Sitting to pee, maybe, the clothes and heals, definitely periods (even though I hadn’t had mine yet), but with boobs as ginormous as mine, they seem to make everything a little bit more difficult.

Case in point: after I took my shot, which I missed because of my damn tits, I had to adjust my shirt and my bra to get everything back in place. I wish I could just wear a t-shirt, but I just feel like I looked… I don’t know, cute I guess in this top. When I looked up I saw Hank stealing a long glance at my plunging cleavage with that male stair I once knew very well, and still do but in a different way. When he saw that I caught him he turned away and everything suddenly felt really awkward. I guess I’m going to have to get used to dudes staring at my tits.


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