Not serious

“Natasha, wait, you can’t be seriously thinking of leaving me like this,” Dave protested, crossing his left arm around his ample bosom. He’d never felt so naked and exposed in his life. His other hand strayed to fix his hair.

“I am leaving you like that, since you were the one who betrayed my trust and cheated with that hussy,” Natasha replied, as she packed her suitcase. “Enjoy her luscious body, because it’s all yours now. Incidentally, I’m quite enjoying the feelings I’m getting from my new penis, which I’ll use for better purposes than you ever did.”

“But, but…!” Dave could barely think of a response, but as he stared at his former body’s crotch, he felt himself grow suddenly sentimental and slippery. “Natty, I’m begging you here in my panties. Please don’t leave before making a woman out of me.”

“My pleasure, sweetie.”


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