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Do it

“I’m going to fuck you in the ass” said the man behind Trinity. Read more

Little slut husband

Look at him…he’s so fascinated that he’s in a girl’s body he won’t even turn around.
Ever since my husband and I swapped bodies he’s been acting like a slut.
All the things he found terrible when I suggested he now finds amazing.
He even asked me for a threesome, and he didn’t want to know who the partner is.
For all he knows it could be another man pulling down his panties, ready to ram him in his ass, and he just keeps kissing me.
I wonder if he’ll be turned on or disappointed when he finds out it’s his ex girlfriend, that he always wanted to bring over and I never allowed.
I’ll have to admit, seeing her from this body, she looks much nicer…

That’s Right Former Boyfriend

“That’s right my former boyfriend. Suck my new man’s cock! You should be privileged I’m sharing him with you. You were never much of a man, so I made you a woman. Now if you want to be with me, you can share my man, and learn how to be a woman like me,” said Ted’s ex-girlfriend Lisa. Read more