Can’t Go Back

It’s been weeks since Kisha was possessed. She has had to watch as her body did horrible things. She slept with her sister’s boyfriend and when her sister caught her she kept going saying “I’m just testing him out for you.”. She started selling herself as prostitute. One day she had over ten men in one session. Lately she is being forced to do porn. This is her getting ready for her fifth one today. She doesn’t know that she is being possessed by her ex-boyfriend. He decided that since she won’t get back with him that he would ruin her reputation so that no one would want her. He started with having sex with her sister’s boyfriend but after enjoying it he decided to step it up by prostituting her out on the streets. Then finally becoming a porn actress. He doesn’t know when he will stop but it’s safe to say Kisha won’t be able to go back to the life she had before.


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