Great Shift: Tables turned

I gulped and wondered what Mr Jacobs wanted this time when I knocked on his office.

*Knock knock*
“Come in!”, a muffled female voice said from the other side of the door.

“You wanted to see me, sir?”
Mr Jacobs adjusted the glasses on his face and gave me a stern gaze.
“Williams. The time has come for me to move on and accept facts”.


Mr Jacobs stern gaze became more demure and his voice softer. “First of all, dont call me sir. Call me….Amanda”.

“Uh, yes sir. Amanda. Sir”. My heart was beating fast. One guy had got fired when Mr Jacobs thought he hadn´t given him the proper respect.

“Calm down man! Sit down”, Jacobs….Amanda ordered, so I sat down.
“As soon the Great Shift put me in this womans body I decided it wouldn´t be a hinder to me and I would carry on as usual. But it wasn´t that easy just to decide a thing like that. This bodys wants and needs was still there. For the past week I have caught myself checking out butts on guys. At first I felt horrible, but the more I did it the more natural it felt. And that leads me up to this, Williams”.

“To what sir?…Amanda”.
What was happening?

“You are unshifted and I´ve seen you in the shower and I know how you look like naked. You have no significant other so it wouldn´t feel you are cheating on someone. We are about the same age so I´ve concluded that you are the perfect choice”
“Williams, I want you to fuck me”

“Sir?”, I was flabbergasted.

“Call me Amanda, damnit! And if you don´t do what I say I will fire your ass!”

My boss left her chair and walked up to me, took my hands and pressed them against her boobs.
“I want you to ravish me, fuck me and make my body go absolutely wild of passion. Do it well and you can look forward to a promotion as my secretary, with added bonuses of course”.
Who was I to deny a woman her wishes? I lifted her up, cleared her desk and landed her butt on it. I tore off her clothes, digged forth my rigid cock and fucked her senseless there and then.
The tables was turned. Instead of him fucking with me, I was fucking her.


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