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Batman no more.

The joker had enough of Batman so he come up with the perfect plan . “Joker your reign of terror is over hand yourself in you know I’ll beat you” “the same could be said for you bats haha haha ha ha” “what do you mean joker” ” youll see bats” joker through his new joker gas at Batman but this time Batman was vulnerable to it it started to morph he grew long hair, his nipples grew and became dd cup breasts next his manhood retreated and he was fully feminized ready for the joker “oh Mr joker I’m ready for playtime!” “Haha oh I am too darling

Robin no more

Batman now Harley quinn and the joker were on one of their crime sprees their was no Batman so it was easy to get away with crime now but they ran into an old friend Robin “oh puddin look it’s my old sidekick Robin” “yes Harley it is hahahahaha ” replied joker “wait Batman that’s you no it couldn’t be weve been searching forever for you why are you a girl and why are you with joker” “well he’s my boyfriend dear and BATMAN IS NO MORE!!! OK dear” it was Robins chance he pounce but joker caught him with his new joker gas this one even more potent then the one he used on batman/harley. Robins body started to change first he looked like a teenaged girl then a twenty something woman then he/she started growing leaves and could control plants he could hear them in his head then he was completed he was poison ivy “yay puddin now I have a friend I’ll call her ivy ” “why thank you harley I’d love to be your friend” replied ivy “ha ha ha ha ha another one down”

Dads Bonding at the Rave

“Oh my god, look at the size of that guy,” Derrik exclaimed. He felt so small and vulnerable, especially given the little blue booty shorts he wore with next to nothing up top. Across the dance floor he could make out Sam running his hands along the exposed chest of a muscular man. “Damn, that bastard is taking all the good ones.” Read more

Daddy’s Club Night

“Dad, are you really going to be wearing that?” came my voice from across the room. It was my daughter, of course. Ever since I cast the spell to switch bodies with her, she’d been watching me a lot more closely. Read more