Curvy Cassy

Ted’s wife knew he loved curvy women, but when she found out he cheated on her with one, all bets were off. She contacted a magician who in turn got Ted back for his dirty deed. Ted kept some slight resemblance to his old self, but the only thing he was wearing that didn’t change was his glasses. He changed from 6’2″ muscular stud, to 5’1″ curvaceous redheaded babe with monster sized breasts, and a large round butt.

Ted’s wife seen him stunned outside his car after leaving the office that day, “So, Teddy baby, how does it feel to be a curvy bitch, like the one you cheated on me with? Come on, you loved them so much, now you can BE one! I must say you have a huge ass that is for sure, and your boobs, wow, I think they are torpedoes! That fiery red hair makes you stand out even more! Also I see you kept your glasses, that make you look like you know what you are doing. It’s too bad you probably won’t now, the spell also dropped you to bimbo level IQ as well! Say goodbye to your exec job, and hello to secretarial work babe! You’ll be getting coffee and taking “dick-tation” before you know it! I think you’ll be kicking your heels off a lot in there too, as heavy as you are, and them being required for women at the office, you’re in for a treat of sore feet! Enjoy, there Ted, no that won’t work. How about, CURVY CASSIE!”

The new Curvy Cassie reached for her chest, then to her crotch and screamed, hearing her new voice for the first time! Then she fumbled through her new purse, finally finding her keys, and couldn’t remember which one opened the car door! Meanwhile her soon to be ex-wife walked away laughing. Payback is a bitch, and now so is Ted!


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