I couldn’t say I was entirely surprised, but that didn’t mean I was prepared for such a bombshell. “What?!” I shouted in shock, “Since when?”

“I think I’ve always known, a little bit,” Gabby continued. We hadn’t seen each other in a year, but now back from college we were finally able to catch up. She had just told me that she’s been questioning her sexuality, wondering if she might be bisexual. I’d always support my friend, for sure, but still I had never really expected her to say the words.

“And I was wondering if you could help,” she continued. “You see… I don’t really have a good idea of what I like. Maybe your powers could help?”

She had always loved asking me to use my abilities when we were younger, shapeshifting into fun characters or shapes for our games. It had been a while, but the request was a bit nostalgic. I laughed, “Of course Gab, what are you thinking?”

“Well…” She drifted off. “Could you turn into a girl for me? I’m having trouble figuring out my type.”

I was quick to obey. Within a flash I had transformed into a tall, leggy blonde wearing skimpy clothes. Even outside on the sidewalk, I was never ashamed to use my powers. People never noticed. “Like this?” I ask in a ditzy voice.

She smiled. “Not quite like that, but you get an A for effort.” She eyed me up before continuing, “Maybe someone shorter, like my height.”

I let my form shift into a smaller, darker-skinned Latina girl who I had seen earlier at the mall. “Any better?”

“Close…” she mused to herself. “I’m thinking longer, shoulder length hair, dark brown. Maybe a bit bigger boobs, and a really soft, sweet looking face. Very kissable.” She kept going with more and more detailed descriptions, drifting off and fantasizing as she went on.

“You know, Gabby,” I stopped her. “If I didn’t know any better, I’d just say you were describing yourself.” In one final shift, I morphed into an exact mirror of her form, down to the precise style of her hair and clothes. “Maybe you’re not bicurious, just a little bit narcissistic.” I matched her posture and expression as well, shooting her a coy smile as my hair fell down in front of my face.

She smiled widely. “You know…” she continued on, stepping closer to me. “Maybe you’re right.”


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