Courtney Cockmuncher

After being changed into a buxom brunette woman, Henry couldn’t believe the tremendous weights now adorning his soft chest. What he realized when he closed his eyes however, that wasn’t all she had to worry about! She was having dirty thoughts of handsome well hung studs and their hot cocks taking her by storm!

Then entered Henry’s soon to be ex-girlfriend Lana, “So Courtney Cockmuncher, welcome to your new life as a busty curvy slut! You get what you deserve for cheating on me with women like this, now you can be one since you like them so much! Have fun sucking cocks you bitch!”

Lana stormed out, and the new Courtney freaked, prancing to a mirror, boobs bouncing and hips swaying, seeing her new form, and still thinking of more and more dicks!


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