Contaminated Lake (Part 5 of 5)

The group of friends let out a gasp as Nick began to change just has they had, not a single one spared from the reaction. Nick’s already long hair grew out even more as his as packed on some jiggle and his chest slowly puffed out into two ripe breasts. Feeling embarrassed Nick covered his new breasts as he felt the last of his manhood vanish between his legs.

The five girls just looked at each other shocked over what had transpired at the lake. At this point they weren’t sure what to do, just go home, call the cops or stay and hide. They opted to call the authorities and report what had just happened to them, hopefully they’d be able to cure them…but any educated person would know that Fem-X is irreversible. It was going to be hard for them to accept Hannah’s new model body and that the boys would now be living as Kylie, Jenny, Chrissy, and Nicki


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