She was smiling broadly when she arrived.

“Well, well, here you are! You are so beautiful! It’s true what they say you know? Women get even more beautiful when they are pregnant.”

“This is not funny, Becky. This is all your fault!” I said as I felt tears already forming in my eyes, damn hormones!

“This is not the attitude I was expecting from someone who called me crying begging for help.” She said patronizing me.

“I’m sorry, please, yes.. I need help…” My voice came out weak, fragile. I was almost crying.

“He left you, doesn’t him?”

“Yes…” I said and began to cry immediately. She surprisingly hugged me.

“Yes, this was my plan, I knew it would happen. You and your terrible friends are all pigs, well, not you anymore, but I needed you to learn this bitter lesson. I confess I wasn’t exactly counting on the pregnancy, but it added a nice touch.” She said as she caressed my hair and I wetted her dress with my tears.

“But… but… but I love him…” I said defeated and desperately.

“I know, I know, shhh…” She took my face up and made me look at her. “I will end this part of the spell; I can do that. But not the rest, you’ll be a woman for the rest of your life, and you’ll take good care of this baby. I’ll rent an apartment for you and pay for everything you and the baby need till you can work again, and then you can come back, your place as a waitress is reserved. Do you understand? Is that ok for you?”

“Yes…” I said swallowing my cry. “I’ll be a good mom; I’ll be the best waitress of the world.” I took a deep breath. “Just take him out of my mind, please…”


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