The New Family

The young couple sat on the court house steps and stared ahead as if in shock. Finally the young man glanced at the girl and said, “It’s done. We’re married.” The girl sighed, “You didn’t have to”. The guy shook his head, “Yeah I did. I was my fault. I’m the one that found the box”. The girl sighed again, “We were both having fun with it. You didn’t know it would stop working”. The girl flinched. You ok Steve”? the concerned guy asked. The girl smiled a little and said, “Yeah. The baby kicked me”. The guy smiled back, “That’s another reason to get married. A baby needs two parents and it’s as much mine as yours”. The girl looked at him and said, “You’re a good friend Brenda. I guess you better call me Stephanie from now on”. The guy said, “In that case, you better start calling me Ben. Let’s go home Stephanie.” The girl smiled up at him, ” OK Ben.”


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