Next time, you’ll tell him.You’ll tell him that the beautiful, voluptuous brunette he’s been fucking for the past several months is someone he’s actually known his entire life.You’ll tell him you spent years living next door to him, attending birthday parties and sleepovers, playing video games and pick-up basketball, all while consumed with unbridled lust.You’ll tell him how, after a while, you simply couldn’t stand it anymore.You’ll tell him how you bought the pills, burning away an entire life’s savings in the process.You’ll tell him how, when ingested properly, they change the entire physical makeup of a person for twelve hours.You’ll tell him how you tailor-made your new appearance just for him: big tits; round ass; long, brown hair; and a low, sultry voice.You’ll tell him how relieved you were when it didn’t take you much longer than ten minutes to get him in bed with you.You’ll tell him how good it felt to finally have his huge cock inside you, to feel his tongue intertwined with yours, to feel him filling you up with his hot semen.You’ll tell him how every time since then has been better than the last.You’ll tell all this things to him eventually. Just not today. Today, it just feels too fucking good to think about anything else.


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