Foreman to Four Men

Harry was the foreman at his construction site for many years, but one Friday night after work, he blacked out. When he came to he felt an odd but pleasurable pressure between his legs, in his butt and a new hole he should have! It did feel good, but he was in shock. He also found he was grabbing two cocks, and was in the process of trying to suck them both, taking turns. When he looked up at who the cocks belonged to, that’s when he got an even bigger shocker. He was somehow blowing two of the construction workers he was foreman over!Then he and the un-shifted workers seen the TV broadcast across the room on the 52″ UHD TV. In ultra high definition, they seen the news alert about the Great Shift being in their area. The guys were all agreeing they were glad they weren’t shifted, and tears started to roll down Harry’s sweaty new face, as he, no SHE realized she was stuck.The man on the right, she was taking turns blowing asked her, “So are you swapped there, Stacey?”Not trying to tell the truth to embarrass herself to her workers, she lied, almost too easily, “No um boys. I’m me boys.”Then it hit Harry, he remembered that name, Stacey, she was now Stacey Stiffies? Ms. Stiffies was one of the city’s popular whores, and Harry had many times paid money himself to have her over for some fun. Now he was the center of that fun! Just to go along with that name he would be getting many “stiffies” to “cum”, so to speak, no pun intended.


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