It all started with a stupid dare. I was dared to wear girls underwear to school. If I did my friends told me I’d get fifty bucks so I accepted and they picked out this teal thong for me. Half way through the day I bent over to pick up a pencil I’d dropped and the class bully noticed my whale tail. To my horror he whispered in my ear “Nice thong, meet me at my locker after school” That was all he said but I knew what would happen if I didn’t show up so I did. He walked me to his house poured me a strange drink and told me to meet him upstairs. As I walked up I felt my body changing. When I reached his door I was fully female and when I opened the door he was lying there naked with a huge cock between his legs. “If you want me to change you back then you know what to do.” The problem was as I started sucking his cock I wasn’t sure if I did want to change back at all.


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