When Tyler went out on the town, he didn’t go home until he got some pussy, and sometimes, on a slow night he needed a little help. He wasn’t talking roofies–the prospect of fucking an unresponsive body creeped him out, and besides, he wasn’t about to do anything illegal. No, the stuff that he used technically didn’t exist (at least not officially) so there was no legislation against it. It was a win-win situation all the way.

All you needed was a vial of the powder, some booze, and a fucked-up guy who no one would really mind if he disappeared. Tyler found his mark about two-thirty, when a tanned, douchebag meat-head stumbled into the club, shouting about “stupid bitches” and knocking back shot after shot of liquor. The few girls unfortunate to get close to him were subjected to half-hearted gropes and slurred pick-up lines–the asshole got more than a few slaps in the face. Tyler grinned: this was his guy.

He discreetly removed his vial of powder and emptied it into the shot of whiskey he had purchased moments ago. He sidled up to the meathead, who was currently mumbling something unflattering underneath his breath about black people.

“You look rough, man,” Tyler said, sliding the shot across the counter. “This one’s on me.”

The meathead regarded Tyler warily, but his need for alcohol soon wiped away any misgivings he had about accepting drinks for stranger. He drained the glass in one quick gulp, and then let out a harsh gasp. Tyler smirked. The powder did take effect quickly.

“You alright?” he said, standing his new friend up. “Let’s step outside.” The meathead was
in no state to refuse, and he stumbled heavily as Tyler directed him toward the back door.

Tyler watched with pleasure as the powder began to work its magic, the odd transformation being lost to everyone else in the club midst the lights and music. The meathead’s bone structure creaked and groaned as it drastically contracted and expanded, tapering his waist and widening his hips. He clutched at his shorts as they fell from his shrinking frame. His rippling muscles quickly dissolved, leaving behind fat that rearranged itself beneath his skin. His lower hall began to gather mass, creating shapely legs and a voluptuous ass. Beneath his shirt, a pair of two large breasts squeezed out from his chest, filling out his tight white tee impressively. His face quivered and twitched as his features softened and feminized, blonde hair sprouting quickly from his scalp. Now came Tyler’s favorite part. The meathead gave out a short cry as his lower half jerked, and Tyler knew that between his legs his penis was slowly disappearing, shrinking and folding itself into a tight, pink vagina.

By the time the two had reached the exit door, no longer than one minute, the meathead had transformed from a ripped, thuggish man into a smooth, sexy blonde woman, sweat drenching her new curves. She whimpered and shivered as Tyler pushed her out into the night air.

Perfect, Tyler thought. An alleyway, with nobody around. He whipped his new toy around and planted a lusty kiss right on her mouth. The former meathead was in no position to object to resist–the powder loosened the subject’s inhibitions, making them just as horny (if not more) than their partner. As they continue to kiss, tongues probing and exploring, Tyler ripped of the woman’s shorts with ease, and was surprised to see a pink pair of panties lying neatly across her pelvis.

Tyler was shocked. The meathead must’ve been wearing them this whole time. “You naughty slut,” he grinned, gazing into her glazed eyes. “You’ve wanted this to happen for a long time, haven’t you?” She didn’t respond, but he could tell the answer was yes. He smiled wickedly and turned her around, sliding off the panties and spreading her ample ass cheeks wide.

Lowering his own pants and whipping out his dick, he began to poke and prod her pussy, which was already drenched in anticipation. Gripping her around her midsection, he slid his dick in, and she let out a moan of pleasure. Thoroughly turned on, he slammed into her pussy as hard as he could, arching her back and causing her to jiggle in all the right places. She responded enthusiastically as he fucked her, twisting and gyrating to maximize the sensation. By the time he finally climaxed, exploding inside her with a powerful final thrust, she was screaming in ecstasy, face twisted in orgasmic pleasure.

As Tyler’s cock finished draining itself, he let go of her whore’s body, and she slid to the concrete floor, pussy twitching and dripping with cum. She was the best he’d had yet: the hottest and definitely the most responsive. He toyed with the idea of taking her home with him, routinely feeding her more powder to keep up her appearance and libido. The risk was two great, though. He buttoned up his pants and turned around, walking away as she moaned and writhed in the alleyway. By the morning, the meathead would be back to normal, and would hopefully remember the entire encounter as an elaborate fantasy. Tyler felt a bit of pride as he walked home–he’d given the poor misunderstood bastard exactly what he’d wanted, if only for a few minutes.


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