The other side of the gender fence

“Guys have it so easy during sex, get hard andjust start pumping in and out”.

“What the hell? Guys must make an effort to keep it hard and at the same time please you girls during foreplay. And when I enter you I still must perform while you just can lay there and relax. I would love if you would be more active when we fucked”.

And The discussion went downhill from there.
Thomas and Erica just had had a small talk about sex and they got in a clinch when they tried to decide which gender needed to perform the most in bed.
It got kinda heated as they began throwing baseless accusations against each other.

An entity, old as life itself was passning through the area.
Not really sentinent it acted upon feelings instead. And this time it knew exactly what to do.

With a great green flash both Thomas and Erica got a whole new outlook on life.
They had swapped bodies.

Erica searched for her missing breasts with her bigger hands, and the only thing that protruded from her body was her new dick.

Thomas did the same with his now dainty fingers and was rewarded with the sensations of prodding his mass of flesh on his chest. The fingers continued down until they found the flat area where his cock should have been. His ass felt like a giant pillow and his hair was everywhere in his face.

They both looked at each other. Their eyes met and they kept their eyes contact for a couple of seconds.
Something clicked in their minds.

Erica in her male body gave the female Thomas a predatory look. “Fuck, this feel weird. Looking at that fine piece of ass that is you makes me horny. I can feel my dick getting harder every second. Come here… babe “.
Thomas gulped. He felt so much smaller now compared to Erica. And yet he felt a yearning to be closer. Thomas had blushed when Erica had complemented him and then calling him a babe. He knew that he had a sexy body and loved hearing it.
Erica’s voice demanded him to come, Thomas felt a compulsion to obey.

Thomas stod close to Erica, sensing her intoxicating musky aroma.

Both of them knew that this was a crazy situation but they were so damned horny that they didn’t care.

Erica spoke first: ” I’ve always wondered how it felt doing it doggy style as a guy. Get down on your knee’s, girl”.
Thomas felt how she needed to comply, that she wanted to be dominated by this male. She gave him a long kiss and thereafter placed herself on the bed, face down and the ass up in the air.
Erica saw his price being with reach and his dick got even harder. He carefully removed the clothing that covered Thomas pussy.

With girlfriends snatch exposed he wasted no time. He inserted his cock inside her, bit by bit. When he had gone balls deep he started to pump.
Thomas felt how her pussy enveloped Erica’s dick, filling her up, making her complete. Then he began to pump. Short stroke at first, the pace was slow.The speed inreased and so did the length of the stroke.
Thomas felt how her breasts rocked back and forth, making her even hornier. When Erica’s balls hit her ass she felt joy.
When Erica felt that her balls hit Thomas ass he felt accomplishment.
They fucked like rabbits for hour, nionde of them could decide which gender was the better during sex.

But Eric and Tonya was happy for that anyway.
Now they could explore the issue further even more.


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