Close to her

Ever since highschool I developed a crush on Kim. She was really hot and smart. But she was way out of my league. A few years passed, I moved to a new town for college. One day I was working on an assignment in the library, when an old book caught my eye. “Spells and More”, It was weird seeing such an old book mixed with computer science books.

I grabbed it and started skimming through it. It was full of those so called spells. I wasn’t going to try any of them, they sounded stupid in my mind. But one spell really caught my eye “Make anygirl love you”. I knew it was BS, but I had to give it a try. According to the spell, all I had to do is write the name of the girl in a piece of paper, burn it, and chant the spell from the book.

I copied the spell in my notebook and went home. “I will try it later” I thought. At home I got my notebook out, and wrote Amy’s full name. I ripped that page out of my notebook, and used a match to burn it. As I was chanting the spell. I started to see blinding lights infront of me. “Wow! what a trip!” I thought, “I can’t believe the spell is working”… I wasn’t even done, when I felt something behind me, like if I was lying on the floor… “Did I fall down?” I said, realizing my voice sounded weird. When the light finally cleared, I realized I was in a different room. I was in somebody else’s bed.

I looked down, and saw something very different. I was wearing a pink blouse. “And… are those breasts? Oh shit, why did the spell turn me into a woman?” I stood up and looked at myself in the mirror. I was Amy. I wanted Amy to love me, not to be turned into her. “Why am I her? This way I can’t have John love me”. I didn’t even realize I was talking about my old self in third person. But the fact that I said John, made me a little wet. “Wait? does John turn me on?”, I felt even wetter. “Do I want him inside me?” I was getting all this mental pictures. I jumped into bed, took off my panties, and started fingering myself. I couldn’t stop thinking about John kissing me, and making sweet love to me.

After cumming on my own hand, I knew had to do something. I grabbed the phone and called John. He was surprised, he didn’t expect me to call him, and he was even more surprised I asked him out.

I guess the spell did work, I love John, as much as he loves me. I just didn’t expect to be in Amy’s body. But the truth, is that I love being her, more than I liked being John.


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