Class Change

Ted was tired of being a student in class and made a wish on a star that things would change in class. The next day when in class, he blacked out, and when he came to, things were different! He felt strange right away, and looking down seen why, he was dressed like a woman, and actually his body felt strange too, in fact he thought he might just be a woman now! As he tried to speak, he heard his new female voice, and was shocked.

The principal was next to him, telling him good luck on his first day teaching class, then walked out heels clanking before closing the door behind her. Ted stood there stunned in a pair of heels of his own, and they clanked as he nearly stumbled in them, trying to walk to the desk to sit down and gather himself.

“Ms. May, are you ready to teach class now? What’s wrong? Are you nervous for your first day teaching?”

Ted, realized he was now some Ms. May teacher, but how, why? Then he remembered the wish the night before. He was no longer the student in class, he was now the teacher. The class was the same, but he was no longer a student! He wondered what happened to his old teacher Ms. Jay, but would later find out she had won the lottery and quit! It seems his wish change reality, making this his new life! No one even remembered Ted, and his full name was now Teresa Lynn May! At least he was a Ms. he though, and not a Mrs.! That would have meant he had to come home to a hubby!

Now he would have to deal with suddenly being a new teacher, there to teach his old classmates! Before him on the desk, he seen his day one lesson plan, and would have to use that to get by for now. He wondered how much else had changed as well? He would later find his family was the same, but they had a daughter much earlier, apparently him, well HER, and that’s why she was now a 22 year old teacher, instead of the 14 year old middle school eighth grader.

For now, he was trying to get used to having such a soft, curvy body, with long hair, boobs, and a new set of equipment below. The clothes felt so weird too, but good against his soft skin. It was strange looking down to see a dress and tights, instead of his normal shirt and jeans. For some reason though, he was feeling calm and at ease, and was getting used to it. By the end of class he was smiling, liking his new status as a teacher, and as a woman!

“I can get used to this,” she said as she posed in the mirror in class after the class left for the day.


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