Knowing they are satisfied

Kyle was not a trusting man. Years of bad relationships had made him that way. Whenever he had a girlfriend they were either stiff in bed or at best let out exaggerated moans. None of them ever complained to him, but none of them stuck around particularly long either, leaving him perpetually wondering just how he was in the sack.

One day he saw a shooting star and wished he knew when his partners were satisfied in bed.

The shooting star did nothing of course, but a passing tricksy wish fairy did.

Suddenly being a girl and everyone treating him like he’d always been a girl were hard enough for `Kylie’ as she was now called. Worse from her point of view was the fact that not only was she not a lesbian, she was if anything even straighter than she’d been when she was a man. When she finally bit the bullet and gave in to her new urges, it was wonderful. When the man she’d picked up at the bar told her he wanted her on her knees to finish, she just obeyed.

Feeling his hot cum splatter on to her face and tits, she’d never been more sure her partner was satisfied. It was everything she’d ever dreamed it would be, the cherry on top of the sundae of amazing sex. In that instant she stopped regretting being magically turned into a girl. She knew she’d be doing this again and again and again…


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