Change of Heart

“Listen, Daryl,” I said, standing on at his front door. We were both dressed very similarly, in dress shirts and khaki pants. Daryl was new to the neighborhood, having only moved in a few days ago, and planned on attending my church today. “I don’t really feel comfortable with you attending my church this afternoon.”
“What?” he said, obviously confused, “Why not?”
“I just…,” I was looking for a delicate way to speak my mind. “It’s a nice church, I don’t really want anyone bringing it down?”
“Bringing it down?” His expression changed from confusion to distain. He knew what I was getting at. I let out a sigh.
“Listen, I’ll be honest. I wasn’t too thrilled to hear a black man, of all people, was going to be my new neighbor, but I figured I could live with it. Now you want to bring your culture to my church too? I just really can’t have this.”
“I thought we were going to be friends?” Daryl said, “You seemed like such a nice guy.”
“This is a white town, Daryl.”
“Come inside, I’m sure I can convince you I’m not that bad.”
I followed him inside. I was instantly surprised by how lovely his home was. Daryl closed the door behind me, and I could hear him lock it.
“Why did you lock the door?” I asked, as Daryl began to take his shirt off.
“Y’know, it’s funny that you say this is a white town, because nobody else has said anything like that to me.”
I felt myself getting nervous as he unbuckled his khakis.
“Barbara, the older lady down the road. She was so nice to me. She made me cookies, and introduced me to her husband, Paul. Kind people.” The sound of the metal belt buckle slamming against the ground rang in my ears. He was in only his boxers now. “I haven’t lived here long, but I’ve been here long enough that you’re the one that shouldn’t be here, not me. Your hateful attitude has got to go.”
He ripped his boxers off and revealed the biggest cock I had ever seen in my life. Everything else seemingly faded away as my attention turned to the piece of meat dangling from his waist. I walked up to him, without even realizing it, and fell to my knees so that I could see it up close. It was incredible. Every inch, every detail, even the smell sent shivers down my spine. I could almost feel my mouth water at the sight. I didn’t recognize any of these emotions but they all felt so… natural. I had to have it. I leaned in and wrapped my lips around the head at first. I started small but as I bobbed back and forth I began taking it deeper and deeper. As it inched its way down my throat I could feel my body changing. My clothes vanished to reveal two budding breasts, bouncing on my chest as I let Daryl face-fuck me. I could also feel my ass bouncing behind me as my vision filled with beautiful blonde hair. I could see my lips puff outward around his hard cock as I desperately sucked and licked it. My dainty little fingers held my breasts as to avoid the slapping feeling they were now giving me. I could even feel my dick suck into my body, replaced by a wet emptiness.
“Ughhhhh,” Daryl moaned as his dick erupted into my mouth. I leaned my head against his dick and licked the cum off of my face as he rubbed my head warmly.
That was four months ago. I go by Maya now and we’ve been dating ever since. I don’t even remember what my problem with him was anymore.


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