Help Sis

So my sister won a trip to France but she couldn’t take her boyfriend. She ask me if I would mine just filling in for her while she is a way. I said i would do anything for her i mean what’s a brother for but i think he will know your missing, i even don’t have the equipment she has to play along. She smiled and said that’s an easy fix, and the next thing i know i was her twin sister now. After i got over my shock, she said not to worry that she give me everything i needed to know as a girl and I will act just like her. I said GREAT!!. So off she went and not one hour late her boyfriend is here. He don’t notice a thing different. We were joking for hours, then it happen, he touched me followed by a kiss on the lips. I started getting real wet in my pussy. I just could stop myself, next thing we were on the floor and he was slamming his dick in my pussy non stop and it was out of this world. I guess my sister should have not made me so much like her. This sex is so much better that i think i may not want to be changed back. At least i’m helping her out ..RIGHT??


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