“Exquisite,” I breathed as I took her in. I turned to the sale master. “And she used to be a man?”
He nodded. “Yes. Thomas Hanson, convicted of murdering his wife, sentenced to magical sexual slavery. Plead innocent, of course.” The slave master’s voice was matter of fact. “No name now, just call her slut.”

“And you said she somehow killed her previous master?” I found I couldn’t look away from her gaze. Something in her eyes…
The slave master cleared his throat. “Er… her first twelve masters, sir. Sorry, sir.”

I turned and gaped at him, at a loss for words. You sometimes heard stories of a slave getting around their orders, but to kill so prolifically… I’d never even heard rumors.
The slave master saw my pause, and cleared his throat. “It’s like this, sir. You know the genie protocols? She’s devilishly tricky about finding loopholes.” He looked shifty. “And well, begging your pardon, but people don’t want to be the 13th. Superstitions, sir.”

I turned back to her. And now I recognized that look.

She was challenging me. She wanted me to take her as my pet, as my slut. She wanted me to use her. Because if I wasn’t perfect, if I didn’t manage to break her, eventually… she’d kill me. Just like all the others.

My blood roared in my ears. I wondered how many other masters had stood here and been stared down by those confident eyes. How many had walked away beaten. She was completely restrained and in constant sexual torment, and yet for the first time in years I wasn’t sure if I could win.

It was absolutely intoxicating. My cock strained at my pants, harder at that moment then I’d ever been before. I heard my voice speaking to the slave master, arranging the sale, but my attention was all on her. I nodded to her, letting her know I accepted her challenge, and I saw her smile widen – infinitesimally, just to the edge of insolence, and I had to exert my will to keep from cumming in my pants right there.

For a moment I wondered if I blundered, but I dismissed the thought. Even if she won, it would still be worth it to feel this alive. I would rather die than walk away from this. I kept my eyes locked on her, even as I felt the familiar sensation of the magical bond transferring, my will locking hers into place. And now, finally, I could let loose the grin I felt, mirroring hers.

Let the games begin.


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