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Shower of 6

I can’t believe I was against it. I was taking a shower, when five women broke into my hotel room, and joined me in the shower. “I am a married man” I told them. But they were already naked,they started massaging my body. “Please… stop” I said, but it just felt so good. I felt so turned on, but somehow I didn’t feel a hard on. I tried to make sense of it all, but I felt very sensitive when one of them touched my chest. Read more

Caught spying

It was time to teach these new girls how to behave like ones. “You wanted to spy on us?, well… Welcome to the sorority!” I yelled at the blonde girl’s ear. Inside myself I was laughing, remembering how the same thing had happened to me years ago. “Yeah!”, Amy yelled, “lets see how much you enjoy guys looking at you while you are naked”. After making fun of them and taking some pictures, we handed them some clothes, some thight and trashy clothes. “If you want to break the spell, if you want to go back to your formerselfs, you must have sex with a guy in the next 24 hours” I told them. Read more

Caught by my own sister

I had spent years looking for some kind of magic item that allowed me to transform myself into someone else. I had always been fixated with bodyswapping and body transformation. I looked for magical items, potions spells, but none seemed to work. Imagine my surprise when my sister Kim caught me looking online at bodyswap spells. She laughed and ran to her room. Read more

Schlimmer Zauber 2

Judith lief zurück zu der Hexe, die ihr den Zauberspruch gab. Die Hexe erklärte ihr, dass es nicht möglich war, die alte Realität wieder herzustellen. Doch sie konnte ihr ihr Kind wiedergeben. Sie sprach einen neuen Zauber und die Realität veränderte sich wieder. Sie war nun wieder Mutter. Allerdings hatte sie zwei Teenie Töchter. Danielle, die vorher ihr Sohn Dominik war und Marcia, die früher ihr Ex-Mann Martin gewesen ist. Read more

What do you think?

Oh my god, it totally worked! I can’t believe I finally stole my sister’s tits! That magic potion and her slutty bra made my breast-theft spell work perfectly. Now that I’m the big-chested sister in the house, I wonder what else of hers I can steal? Should I get her comb, so that I can steal her gorgeous blonde locks? Or should I find a pair of her panties so that I can finally tone my butt? I wonder if I can steal non-physical traits… What do you think?

Spring Break

My sister, Kati always went on the best spring break trips with her friends. This year was no different, she was already on a special trip to Miami. Normally it would not bother me, but I had just lost my job and was stuck at my apartment with nothing to do and no money to spend. Read more