Can’t hide anymore

Barney waited for his sister to bring him the clothes he asked for. He knew he can’t even pretend to be his old self since his transformation was complete. There was no chance to pass as a guy, so he decided to accept his life as a woman. It was a bad ida to date a witch, but who would have known she would turn him into a chick, just by politely explaining there’s nothing between them. Unfortunately she didn’t take it very well and put a curse on him.

Over the past three weeks, Barney was slowly loosing him masculinity. He could hide it at first, but as the transformation progressed it was getting harder and now there was nothing left of his male self. Barney didn’t have the slightest idea of what to do now, so he asked his sister for help. He would definitely need her support, she promised him to provide all the needed clothes and cosmetics so he could start his life as a woman.


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