Tg Case 01

“Ready, hot stuff?” I asked my new boyfriend. “You know it Alicia!” Clark said. About a month ago, Clark was my best friend. And I was a dude still. But I had recently contracted th TG flu and my life has been completely changed because of it. My doctor kept notes of my transformation and he gave them to me when my transformation was done.

Day 1: Subject Alex is a healthy, muscular boy. That will change soon. No physical or mental changes yet.

Day 3: It has been two days since the last time I saw my patient. Since then, his hair has become blonde and is now at shoulder length. He has lost about 12 pounds and is now at 146 pounds. His voive has gone up slightly as well.

Day 6: Alex has changed a bit more since our last session. His hair is now extremely long. He has lost quite a bit more weight and is now at 138 pounds. His voice has gone higher still. He has lost all body hair including pubic hair.

Day 14: Alex has had the TG flu for two weeks now and he is showing it. My nurses took him out to get him aquainted with female clothing and has begun to wear bras and panties. As his appearance goes, their has been some huge changes. His weight has gone down to 126 and is staying there. His hips have gotten wider and his bottom has become plush and large. The thong he wore today looke quite at home on his bottom. Now, as his penis goes, it is miniscule. His ballsack is still at normal size though. His voice is now a very high pitch as well. His chest has not begun expanding yet.

Day 23: His penis is gone. He told me that in the middle of the night, it shriveled up and fell off his body. His ballsack had been sucked up back into his body as well. He siid that his, now her, vagina had taken a few hours to appear. Her chest had swelled a lot in the last week and is now at b cup.

Day 30: Alex, now Alicia, ha been released from my care today. She is a beautiful woman who stands tall at 5 ft 5. Her height did not chnnge during the process as Alex was quite short himself. Her body thin but voluptuous. She has d cup breasts that fill out her bra nicely. Her vagina is still virgin (but she plans to change that soon.) Her but is large and plush and the tight fitting panties she wears suit her nicely. Her hair is dirty blonde and it is chest length. She recently had one of the nurses braid it into a ponytail for her. She is a beautiful young woman now.

My doctor and now boyfriend Clark has helped me so much. I had felt the female hormones making me lust for something to be in my virgin pussy. Now, this is a pictur of me as I wait for Clark to undress. Maybe he might make me a mother!


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