Can’t Focus: The Bet Part 1

“Just leave me alone okay!” Jake shouted at Mike. “Jesus. I can’t focus right now, you turned me in to some chick. You’re a son of a bitch.”

“Not just some chick,” Mike said. “I turned you in to Katherine Heigl, one of the hottest girls at our college”

“Yea and I’m not really sure why you’d do that!”

“Why? What do you mean why? You bet that you could get her number, and you didn’t. You lost, I won. So I turned you in to her.” The pair had found a magic betting coin the day before. Whoever won the bet had magical control over the loser.

“But why would you do it to me!? If you can do that, surely you could just mess with her mind instead! She’s ALREADY a girl.” Jake looked down at himself. He sat on the bed in a black bra and panties. Mike wasn’t wrong, Katherine was certainly one of the hottest girls. As he shook his head he felt the strange feeling of hair sway on his shoulders and back.

“Well, yea, but then this part isn’t nearly as fun.”

“This part? What part? God, my head hurts.”

“The part where the rush of new hormones slowly takes over your body.”

“What… what are you talking about?” Despite the anger, he did feel good in her body. He knew he was hot, and he loved the confidence flow through him. His hormones did feel like they were raging right now.



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