Broken Machine 2

For the rest of the first day I hung out in the guest room on my phone avoiding the rest of the family. I’d changed out of the blue dress and into a pair of grey sweats and a green t-shirt. Of course I took the bra off, freeing my chest from it’s constricting straps. I might have kept my underwear on, if for only in the interest of not having to put my hands near my crotch, if it wasn’t a damn thong. I knew I couldn’t relax with that elastic string up my ass so I peeled it down my hips and out of my ass then kicked it across the room. By mistake I caught a glimpse of my crotch in the mirror, and it grossed me out to no end to see my mother’s naked bottom half. I quickly pulled up a pair of sweats, only to find that they clung to my mother’s curvy midsection and really called attention to her butt, now my butt. I groaned as I jumped onto the bed. I laid on my front and played on my phone, but found myself shifting again and again in an effort to get comfortable. When I realized it was my boobs that wouldn’t let me get comfortable while I laid on them I let out another annoyed sigh and laid on my back, where I found that, without a bra, they both spilled to either side, making them jiggle whenever I moved my arms. There was no winning.

I was able to maintain my isolation for the rest of the evening and would up falling asleep without eating any dinner. In the morning I awoke with two unfortunate realizations: first that the whole ordeal wasn’t some nightmare, and the second that I really needed to pee. I knew this meant coming face to face with my new equipment, but I knew I’d have to soon enough. I groggily walked out into the hall and toward the bathroom. I didn’t see anyone around, which was a relief. In the bathroom I locked the door and looked at the toilet. I faced it like I always had as a man before turning around, knowing I’d have to sit down. I pulled my sweats down and squatted down, only to find that the seat wasn’t down and I fell in!
“Ah damn it!” I shouted as I heard a splash and felt cold water cover my ass and crotch. I grabbed the sink and pulled myself out awkwardly, water still dripping from my ass.

“Mom, I mean, David are you okay??” I heard my sister say as she knocked on the door.
“Yeah I… fell in.” I said quietly.
“Oh.” I heard her say as she giggled. “Do you need help?”
“No!” I shouted, using a hand towel to dry my ass off. I swallowed my embarrassment, put the seat down, sat down and let my bladder go. When I was finished I knew I needed to shower since my ass was covered in toilet water, and this did not make me happy. I sighed as I turned the shower on took my clothes off and waited for it to heat up. I looked down at my naked breasts, my nipples stiff. No use denying it, the reality was clear. I put my hands on my boobs and felt them. They were heavy, soft, and a little bit saggy. My male brain knew they weren’t a bad pair, even if they were my mom’s. If I was going to have to deal with having tits, what use was it pretending they weren’t there?

I got into the shower and soaped up, feeling the rest of my body in the process. I was surprised by how smooth and soft everything was, especially my ass which was far bigger and fleshier than my male ass ever was. I even cleaned my crotch a little, feeling my mothers vagina. The weirdest part was feeling down there and not having a dick to grab. It must be how amputees feel, I thought.

Regardless of my courage in bathing my mother’s body, I didn’t want to dwell on it. As quickly as I could rinse off I turned the shower off and slid open the shower door open. It’s then that I realized to my horror that I’d forgotten all about a towel! There didn’t seem to be any in the room. I couldn’t just put on my old clothes either since my shorts and shirt had gotten wet with toilette water. Now here I was, butt naked, using a hand towel to dry myself off. The hand towel didn’t work at all, already damp from when I used it earlier.

For a moment I thought I might have to make a run for it, naked down the hall toward my parent’s room to get some clothes. That’s until I found a towel shoved away under the sink.
“Thank god.” I said to myself, using the towel to dry off. Finally I wrapped the towel around my waiste like I usually did, before realizing how ridiculous that looked with my tits hanging out. I rolled my eyes and wrapped the towel above my breasts, like women do. I gathered my old clothes and crept out of the bathroom. In the hall the coast was clear, which was good because the last thing I wanted was for one of my brothers to see me with a towel wrapped around my tits. Unfortunately my fears were answered when my brother came out of the room, seeing me, and snorting out of amusement. I sneered him and got back at him by sticking my leg out and tripping him as he passed me. My victory was short-lived because as soon as he recovered he reached and snagged the towel right off of me, leaving me naked in the hallway. I covered my chest and tried to grab for the towel but my brother ran down the stairs with it laughing.
“Asshole!” I called back to him as I planned my next move. I decided to dart for my parents bedroom, my hands grasping my breasts to keep them from bouncing as I ran. When I made it to my parent’s bedroom I locked the door behind me and went straight for my mother’s dresser. As I rummaged through her drawers looking for something loose and not too girly, I heard my father’s voice behind me.

“Mmm, morning beautiful.” He said, half asleep. I jumped and turned around, one arm covering my chest, the other my crotch.
“Dad!” I yelped.
“Oh! Shit, sorry son! It’s early!” He stammered, embarrassed and now awake. I thought quickly and jumped behind a window curtain to cover my naked body, the body of his wife.
“What are you doing here, I thought you’d be at work!” I asked, frazzled.
“I took the day off to work on the machine.” He said, getting out of bed. And heading to the door. He was careful to divert his eyes entirely away from me. “I’m, uh, I’ll give you some privacy.” He said, taking a towel and leaving the room.

I was hot with embarrassment and anger. This whole situation sucked, I just mooned my dad unintentionally and he forgot it wasn’t his wife. So far this morning was turning out to be the worst in recent memory. Of course, it only got worse when I heard a clang on the window behind me. I looked behind me and saw my brother, still holding the towel he took from me, in the front yard trying to get my attention. He pointed and laughed and realized that when I ducked behind the curtain, the who neighborhood could see my ass. Luckily, nobody but my brother was out this early, or at least nobody that I saw when I looked. Closed the curtain and walked over to the door to lock it behind my Dad. I sat down on the bed and sighed into my hands.


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