Boyfriend No More

Hannah was tired of her boyfriend joking with her about getting implants just because she was a small A cup. One night they watched a movie that had a larger chested lady in it, and once again Jed her boyfriend made the comment. Fed up she used her family heirloom, the Medallion of Assistance, which could only be used once a generation. She wanted him to learn a lesson, one he wouldn’t forget.

She turned him into a busty blonde in lingerie, and as he hefted his new boobs in horror and shock she told him, “You like big boobs so much, you can have them for yourself. Now I guess it’s time for me to find a new boyfriend. I’m afraid you don’t have the correct equipment for me now SWEET CHEEKS. I’m not into big boob girls like you are now, but with those, you should have no trouble finding a man or a boyfriend. Maybe he’ll admire you for more than just your breast size, unlike what you did with me. Good bye, bitch.”

Jed just sat there in stunned silence, staring at his massive hooters. He loved big boobs, but he never experienced actually having them! As he found his new pussy, then felt his long hair, then tasted the lipstick now on his plump pouty lips, he realized there were lots of changes, not just the boobs!


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