Best Birthday Present Ever

As usual Tom couldn’t find a decent birthday present for his friend Matt, but this year was different Tom had found the best “joke” present that he was going to give to Matt. Tom thought he could mix Matt’s beer with a special potion (given to him by a witch) that would change him into a beautiful blonde goddess, unfortunately for Tom Matt saw him doing this and waited for Tom to leave so he could switch the drinks around.

Later that day Tom and Matt both met in the living room to have a “drink” and watch the game; Tom unaware of the drink switch drank the beer mixed with the potion and suddenly felt a strange swirling motion in his head he passed out cold…
Tom later awoke in the bedroom of Matt’s apartment with a strange feeling where his dick used to be as he looked down he screamed seeing the two mounds on his chest. Matt then walked into the room and looked and Tom with a slight grin on his face “hey there sexy” Matt said “Matt what did you do to me!” Tom shouted angrily. “well i saw you mixing a pink potion into my beer so i took it upon myself to switch them around, so now i think i deserve my birthday present” said Matt as he got into bed and pulled Tom up onto him, Matt’s dick grinding against Toms virgin soaked pussy. Tom gulped then whispered into Matt’s ear “happy birthday” as he got ready for a long night…

The End?


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