Tough Cookie

“so, hows our favorite little demon hunter? I see someones been a real bad girl, making us break out the restraints. You are one tough cookie, Jimmy-boy. Any lesser man would have given into us by now. All you needed was one orgasm to finally become the new and improved succubus you. One. The initial transformation jacks-and that was an intentional pun- your libido up about twenty times your usual level. Combine that with the fact that your body is literally your male self’s ideal sexual partner, you should be long on the way to knowing the sins of the flesh. Well, since your being such a *giggle* sourpuss your new sisters have taken it upon themselves to speed your transition. And by that we mean we’re going to fuck your brains out and burn every ounce of humanity from your soul. Now don’t try to put on a tough face, I can already smell how wet you are. That you aren’t begging for me to do what your own hands cant right now is a miracle. Now spread your legs and make way for your big sisters. See, that wasn’t so hard, now was it Jane? A sexy, sophisticated name for a sexy sophisticated Succubus. Thats right, don’t fight it. Let your body give into the pleasure, Now cum for the first time of millions, and join our dark sisterhood!


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