being possessed

Two hours ago, Tom was preparing a meal for a quiet evening at home, when the spirit of a woman came to his flat. Without any warning, she jump into his body and Tom was now a spirit outside his own flesh. With his lips and voice, the woman explain to Tom the situation.
“Sorry boy but i have to borrow your body for the night. You see, i can possess one person every year. I have just few minutes o chose a person so i rush into the first human i saw. Fortunatly i can alter the body i inhabit to match my spirit.”
Tom could saw his body changing before him and become a female version of himself. The woman admired her newly formed body in the mirror and seem satisfied.

That’s what happen. And now, Tom is in next door appartment, invisible, watching his body, or what it remains of it, being fucked by his neighbour. Accordin to what the woman have said, he have to be close to his former body until the possession end. So he wait all the night and it was really long.

Finally, when the sun start to rise, he feel his spirit return to his body. But when he feel his flesh again, he was in the arm of his neighbour, and, most importantly, still a girl. The spirit woman leave Tom stuck in his altered body, and fligh away in waiting to the next year possession.


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