Before I forget

Every time he would ram his cock inside my mouth I would forget who I used to be.

So before I forget, let me explain. I am Lindsay. No- wait. I am… John, that’s it. And I was in love with Lindsay’s boyfr… No! Ugh, all my knowledge is being replaced by hers. I can’t believe I’m actually in love with a guy.
Anyway — I used to be a guy, called John, and I had a crush on this girl, Lindsay. When I learned about a body swap spell that would also exchange memories, I thought I should use it on her boyfriend, Mike.
Only… I missed, and I became her.
That spell was really powerful, but its effects were amplified as I (or well, my new body) was excited.

When I finished casting the spell, I felt something in my mouth. The taste was awful, and when I looked up, I knew I failed.
I was kind of “locked”, and had to continue sucking his cock. But after a few minutes, I did it because I liked it.
I could feel my pussy getting wet, my nipples wanted to be touched and sucked. The taste I hated became something I loved, and something I was used to at the same time…
I took conscience of my petite body. Small hands, arms, really thin body, but boobs hanging on top. My legs were small, soft, hairless, and I could feel my tiny feet in my favorite pair of heels.
Oh it’s happening again. All her childhood memories, all her feelings, this love, this lust… Mh…
I’m always losing all my high school education and getting used to being a waitress. My life might not be that great, but at least I’ve got him.


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