Exploring a Host

“Hurry up, Ken. Help me take my jeans off. I want to see the rest of my new body,” I said in the voice of the beautiful woman that I was possessing. “I’m trying, John. Her jeans are on so tight,” Ken said right back. “Dammit, Ken. Call me by my body’s name while I’m inside of her,” I snapped back in a stern and sexy voice. “Sorry, Kendra,” Ken said as he was finally able to pull my jeans down and expose the white panties and long smooth legs of my host’s body.

Once the jeans were off, I walked over to a full length mirror and began to fully admire my new body. I used Kendra’s own hands to feel her body up, starting with slowly squeezing her breasts through her white bra. Once I had enough of exploring my new body, I noticed Ken staring at me. He looked creepy since he was just standing there watching me, almost drooling, and he had a large tent in his pants. Luckily no one else was around, since we were in a private dressing room.

“Ken, are you still in there?” I said as I snapped my fingers. Ken snapped out of his creepy state, noticed his pants tent, and then went into an embarrassed state. “Relax, Ken. You don’t have to worry about being embarrassed with me in here,” I reassured him as I slowly brushed my fingers across Kendra’s breasts. “Help me get redressed and we’ll go back to Kendra’s house for some fun,” I said as I went to grab the clothes that Kendra was wearing when I possessed her.

After getting redressed, Ken and I found Kendra’s shiny new luxury car and drove to her large house on the beach. I began a fun-filled night by stripping back down to Kendra’s underwear right after walking into her house through the front door. I was strangely satisfied that I didn’t need Ken’s help to take her jeans off this time. After stripping, I told Ken to go explore the house and make himself comfortable while I went straight for the liquor cabinet that I knew was fully-stocked. The rest of the night was pretty fuzzy after getting into the liquor. All I know is that we both felt very satisfied and hungover after waking up in Kendra’s bed the next morning.


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