Beachy Peachy

Hank was happy as he looked down at his new female body. The beach was said to have gender changing properties, but he didn’t believe it until he arrived there and physically changed. Even the items he was wearing changed along with him to more suiting items for his female body! Hank would have fun exploring the beach and his new body that day, but when time was getting late he was saddened.

Hank thought he would change back, but he didn’t. In fact the only reason the legend was made that guys would change back at night, was what was happening. Hank was replaced by a double of himself, that would leave in the morning to get on with his former life. Meanwhile the real Hank, would be reassigned in a new alternate reality after being taken into a portal on the beach that night. In this new reality, women were dominate.

The reason for this was even more shocking. The reason females were dominate in this new reality was that they were all formerly men from their former reality! They maintained their need for dominance on the other side despite their new bodies. Many former men, really loved their new bodies anyway, and now realized they had beauty and power in the new reality. After all many had gone to that beach for that very reason, to be beautiful women. Hank, now going by Veronica was one of those such former men.


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