Making Sure The Program Works

Stephen and Julian have been life long friends. They grew up together, went to the same high school, went to the same university for the same major, and now live together. The two of them, with the knowledge they both learned from the same school, began to create a revolutionary invention that would change the world as we know it. The computer program is meant to be able to change a person’s chemical and physical makeup at just that tap of a button. Julian and Stephen both worked day and night on the product, partially because neither of them pursued actual jobs after their education.

The two of them were just finishing up the final details on the program. They downloaded it from their computer to their tablet to tests if it works. However, they would need to decide who would get tested on first, deciding it was only natural to have one of them try it before anyone else. They finally settled on a way to decide, Stephen and Julian played each other in a game of pool at a local pub. In a close match, Stephen just barely beat out Julian, leaving Julian to be the program’s first test subject.

“Okay Steph, start small. Change my height or something.” Julian asked Stephen, as Steph started to point his tablet at Julian.

“Fair enough.” Stephen pressed the option labeled ‘HEIGHT’ and changed the number from 5’10” to 6’0”. He could easily tell Julian had changed, mostly due to his clothes which currently do not fit his body correctly. “Wow dude! It worked!”

“I can tell! My bellybutton is showing at the bottom of my shirt! This is great! Okay, now that I’ve tried it, give me the tablet and I’ll test it on you just to make sure the program doesn’t have bugs left.

“Hold on, I just wanna try one more thing” Stephen asked with his nose practically stuck to the tablet screen.

“Okay fine, but after this it’s your turn” Julian replied. Suddenly Julian felt a funny feeling around his body. He looked down and he was wearing a crop-top with skinny jeans. It took him a second to realize that these were sized to fit a woman. He was about to yell at Stephen but he began to get goosebumps. He now realized he was butt naked, and again he was about to yell at his friend, but this time he was physically unable to speak. A frantic look of panic spread across his face. He was now standing in place, unable to move, when he then felt hair hit his chest. It was long and blonde, the exact opposite of the short, brown hair he had before. Julian also felt himself get much shorter, all the way down to 5’6″. Then the real changes set in. He felt his chest balloon out and become perky D cups, he felt his nipples become big and sensitive. Going down his body he felt his fat melt away as his body, but mostly his stomach become toned and strong. Julian’s waist moved it’s way up and in, while his waist flared out, making his ass much bigger in the process. In his mind, Julian was an absolute wreck; but on the outside, you could only see a blank, lifeless face, that was now completely feminine and perfect in every way. He felt the strange sensation of his penis retract into his body, leaving a sensitive, small, aching pussy in it’s spot. His feet slimmed out and his legs also got to be long, shaven, and undoubtedly feminine.

“Now comes the mental part…” Stephen laughed. “Actually, I’ll let you speak for a moment.” Stephen pressed a button on the tablet.

“WHAT THE HELL?” Boomed Julian’s male voice. Stephen quickly hit a few buttons on the tablet. “How could you do this to me? I thought we were friends!” Julian now yelled in his soprano female voice.

“We are friends Julian. Best friends even. But we both know neither of us can land a hot chick on our own. So I’m taking matters into my own hands.”

“Please don’t Steph, I’m begging you..” And once those words left his mouth, it promptly closed. Once again mute and frozen in place, Stephen went to work on his creation.

“Okay now Jules, I like you as a person, so I won’t mess with your mind too too much. But there are a few things I need to tweak. Your IQ is way too high to be my bimbo girlfriend, so I’ll drop that about a hundred points. You need to lose all of your male inhibitions and be a genuine girl, so I’ll fix your mannerisms. I’ll make you bi sexual with an insane sex drive, especially for me. Your name is now Julie, and you have been my girlfriend since high school, but my best friend since pre-K, just like we were. You’re mostly submissive to me, but do have some morals and ethics you will always stand by. And lastly, you will forget ever being Julian, and will think you’ve always been Julie. You’re just my calm, cool, sexy, relaxed girlfriend.” Stephen finished tapping at the screen and pressed un-freeze.

“Hey Steph, what’s for dinner? Also I was thinking later we could watch a movie or something and makeout..” asked Stephen’s new girlfriend. Stephen has no regrets whatsoever.

Do you guys want a part two? I have a few ideas in mind and would love to write more!


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