Any better

Marcus moaned as he pounded his girlfriend Wendy’s pussy from behind. “Can this get any better?” he said to himself.

Wendy gripped his head with both hands. “Yes, it can be better and…nnnhhh…should I show you how, baby?” she gasped.

“Yes, I want you to show me whatever you have to show. Surprise me,” said Marcus, not sure what could happen next. Wendy tightened her grip on his head and started to chant. The world spun.

Next thing he knew, Marcus felt a pumping sensation from behind and intense pleasure down in his…his…HER?! pussy. “Wendy?” he gasped in her voice, feeling her red hair flowing down his back and tickling his tits. She simply grunted and kept thrusting. “Wendy?!” he cried, “Ohh ooh, you have my…and I have your…my pussy is pulsing and I think I’m gonna…and nnnh, I want you to cum in me, please cum inside me!”

Next thing he knew, he felt his pussy awash with hot seed. “Oh oh oh oh!” he cried, collapsing on the bed and feeling Wendy’s cock soften inside her own former cunny. He squeezed.

“Thank you, baby. This is better, much better” he whispered as he clung to Wendy in his former body and smiled. Wendy got a mischievous look on her face.

“You ain’t seen nothing yet, baby,” she replied, starting to rub his tits. “We’re just getting warmed up.”


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