A small price to pay for success.

Jesse knew his life was going to be different after the great shift left him in the body of a big titted prostitute with a sex drive that could barely be controlled.

But he quickly learnt that he could use that to his advantage especially when it came to his male colleagues at work who did not seem to care who was inside that body as they undressed him with their eyes every time he walked past there cubicle.

It took him a couple of weeks to get used to the concept of sleeping with men with his brain saying no and his body saying yes yes yes.

After the first time he dropped his knickers & let a man have his wicked way with him he knew he could use his new body to his advantage and could get men to do anything for him as long as he was willing to put out which thanks to his new high sex drive he found extremely enjoyable.

So when the big promotion came up at work he made sure he got it by fair means or foul even if that meant a weekly one on one board meeting with his boss.


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