Am I ready?

At first I was against it, but I needed money, so I agreed. One day, I woke up in the body of a hot brunette. I was still me, living in my old appartment, wearing male clothes and all, but for some reason, I was now a girl. I tried going to work, but no one recognized me. I called my girlfriend, but thought it was some kind of sick joke. My oldself had vanish into thin air.

The only person who believed me was my old friend James. He helped me with rent for one month, but I couldn’t get a job. So, one day he suggested I should model. Like I said, I was against it, but he was right, I was pretty hot. “I got a friend who is looking for a new model, and I think you would be great for it. I can’t keep paying rent for you. Plus, with one photoshoot a week you will earn more money than what you used to when you were a man”. After much thought, I accepted.

James introduced me to his friend Dominic. “You are going to be ok, just do what he says” James said as he left. After putting a one piece swimsuit on, the shoot started. Dominic helped me a lot along the way. As expected, I was really stiff, I could barely pose sexily. But he kept helping me, and yelling stuff that made me feel sexy. Half an hour later, I was posing, acting sexy and even sending kisses to the camera. I felt so hot, so powerful. “Great!” he said “you are a natural honey”. I just smiled, I could feel my self blush. I don’t know what came onto me. I just ran over to him, and hugged him. “Thank you! thank you!” I said, and for some reason I kissed him.

It was like I had lost control of myself. For the first time since I’d turned into a woman, I was turned on, I felt wet. I pressed my boobs against him. I placed my hand over his thing, I expected to feel discusted, but it felt right. He kissed me back. And we did it, right there. I loved the way he licked my nipples, how he smacked my ass, how his thing felt inside me. It was just great.

When it was all over, I got dressed, and James came to pick me up. “is she ready?” James asked Dominic, “oh yes she is. And she is better than I expected”. “Thanks for your help Dom, when her mind wasn’t altered too I was worried” James said. I didn’t know what they were talking about, and I didn’t care. But James was starting to look hot, it was the first time I stopped seeing him as a friend, and I was fantasizing about getting in bed with him. I guess I should go by a new name now, Kim seems to suit me well.


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