A New “Position”

Tim was ecstatic! Today he was starting his first job at the large “Ram & Crow” Law firm. “Ram and Crow” was legendary for its success, as well as their mysteries. After finally graduating Law School, Tim was ready to practice everything he learned in the courtroom! Tim was ready to rise up the ranks…who knew what position he’d finally land in! Perhaps he’d even run the company one day!

To his dismay, Tim was assigned as a secretary to one of their newer lawyers. He was told it was normal training for their future position. It would be a while before he could practice law himself…he sighed. At least he could still learn! As his new boss entered, the man’s eyes began to shine. Tim couldn’t look away. The man laughed, saying “Oh, that’s a shame, I was expecting someone a little…different for the position. Oh well, you’ll do just fine, what’s your name, honey?”

Tim awkwardly said “Tim”. He didn’t like being called “honey”.

“Wrong, it’s Tina now.”

Tina blinked…for some reason, she could only think of her name as Tina. He screamed “Wh-what are you doing to me!? My name is Tina! I mean Tim! I’m a man!”

The man grinned. “Then why are you wearing a women’s suit?”

An instant later, Tina was now wearing a women’s suit. “I…I guess I am, aren’t I? No, wait, what are you doing to me!?”

“Don’t worry about it dollface. Your hair, your face…everything’s gorgeous up there…”

And when the man said it, it was so. Tina now possessed beautiful long black hair and a beautiful feminine face. “Why thank you sir, you’re looking quite handsome yourself and…wait, please stop! I’m feeling so…weird and…and…”

“Come on, you don’t feel weird…you feel hot. You feel wet. You know you want your boss and master to fuck you every day, because that’s what your here for, right? With those giant tits of yours, there’s no way you won’t please…”

Tina could feel both her breasts and her lust growing. She wanted her boss’ cock…no, her master’s cock. She needed to please him. “Yes…grab them master…I mean, no, stop!”

As the man grabbed Tina’s breasts and kissed them, it was too late. The lust overwhelmed what was left of Tim’s mind, leaving only Tina, the sexy, submissive secretary slave to the newly promoted Warlock. Now all Tina could think about was what position she’d “serve” him with next…


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