All we needed

When the Great Shift occurred, my fiance and I were concerned about our relationship. She hadn’t shifted too much. She was still in her mid-twenties, had dark hair (though a bit longer perhaps) … and she was still female. The only real change she had to get used to was the size of her breasts, now in the D-DD range rather than the B-cup she used to have. It didn’t take too much for us to get used to her new form. She was a young, healthy and beautiful woman. The problem for us was that now, so was I.

I had the misfortune of shifting into the body of a college coed. I was only about 5 years younger than our actual age, so that was fine. And I was arguably in better shape than I had been. It was the fact that I now had a gorgeous female body to match my fiance’s. And while we hoped it might work out, my fiance couldn’t bring herself to be sexually attracted to a woman. She could appreciate the female form, but could get turned on enough for sex to be satisfying. Unfortunately, I too started finding it difficult to satisfy my urges by being with a woman. I started noticing men and thinking about them more often. We didn’t discuss it with one another and never suggested any dramatic changes; we even continued sleeping in the same bed.

So it came as a surprise the day she came home with a handsome male co-worker. I couldn’t believe she’d be so daring as to bring a man home with me there. And I couldn’t believe I wanted him. She smiled at me at said she’d had this idea in her head for a few weeks and couldn’t delay it any longer. She wanted him to take us together. Shocked, but turned on by the idea, I agreed.

We led him into our bedroom, where my fiance and I quickly undressed one another in front of our new partner. Let him admire our bodies for but a mere minute, we both removed his clothes for him. I had never seen my fiance with another man, but I have never been more turned on watching her take her co-worker on her knees. I can’t remember her ever deep-throating me, but watching her take his whole length into her mouth got me very wet very quickly. After a long several minutes, she back off of him, moved over to the bed and laid down on her back. She motioned me over, telling me to climb on top of her. I complied happily.

Once I was straddling her, she leaned up and took my left breast into her mouth and began to suck on my nipple. I reflexively moaned out load. The pleasure building in my breast quickly moved through my body; I felt flush and overly sensitive. With my nipple encased in her warm, wet mouth, I seemingly lost awareness surroundings. I didn’t notice our male companion move behind me until I felt his large, warm hand on my back. Before I could respond, I felt the tip of his penis at my entrance as it begin to slowly slide into my wet canal. He entered me gently at first, filling me until I could feel the base of his cock rubbing my outer lips. He slowly pulled out before pushing his engorged member back into me at the same speed. I eventually ceased to realize I was even moaning as my fiance continued sucking on my nipple and massaging my right breast and my man continued to pound the last vestiges of my male identity from me. My orgasm struck me with so much power, I didn’t notice my fiance stop sucking on my breast or my man begin to fuck me with more urgency. I was only just coming down from my high when I felt his shaft begin to pulsate deep inside me. It sent me right back to that high.

My fiance and I ultimately ended our engagement, but retained our strong relationship. I moved into our guest bedroom and yet we were closer than ever. And we shared men. We’d bring home one or two guys to fuck us both. Her co-worker was our favorite. While we couldn’t fully satisfy one another sexually, we continued to share our lives. All we needed was some regular cock.


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