Mischievous big sister

“You ruined my tea party” Betty shouted at her sister who doused her with water from the garden hose. “Oh come one! it’s just a little rain” Andy was laughing. Since the day Betty flushed the coin that turned Andy into a girl, he swore to have his revange for all the embarrassing moments he went through. He remembers how he had to explain to his parents that they suddenly have a second daughter, and later his journey into a girls life. All the talks with him mom about higiene and periods, all the shooping trips to buy new clothes and underwear. His mom enjoyed them while Andy felt terrible trying on the dresses and lacay panties his mother had chose for him. School was also awfull. At first everyone looked at him like on a freak. There were even rumors that he still has his dick. But What was worse is the fact that Betty wasn’t even grounded.

Over time Andy has gotten used to his new body. He started to like his clothes and is now freely doing his makeup. He changed schools where nobody knew him before and was accepted there quickly and made many friends. Altough a year passed since then Andy was still harassing his sister for what she has done.
“You’re mean. Even worse than before and i just wanted a big sister to play with” Betty started to cry. Something inside Andy has broke. He felt awfull, no matter what she did, she was still his sweet little sister. “Don’t cry. I won’t tease you anymore” Andy hugged his sister. “You promise?” Betty wiped her tears. “I promise i will be a good big sister” Andy smiled. “Well you should be grateful” Betty looked him in the eyes. “For what?” Andy asked surprised. “If you were still a boy you wouldn’t meet Mike and i’m sure you two lovebirds can’t live without eachother” Betty said imitating a kiss. “You little!” Andy tried to catch her but Betty was faster and ran of. “come back here!” Andy shouted chasing his sister. Looks like some things never change.


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