Brandy came out of the house, feeling a little bit uneasy in her new clothes. “You look incredible” Jason said astounded. “Umm… Thanks” Brandy smiled and blushed. She folded her hands behind her back, nervously playing with her fingers. Her heart started to beat faster as she heard another compliment from Jason. A week ago she was ready to tear him apart for turninger into girl. You see, Brandy wasn’t always the cute blonde she is now. Before her name was Brandon. His friend Jason used some kind of a spell and changed him into his dream girl. Brandon was furious at him, but after the week he calmed down and started to act more feminine. He started to wear women’s clothes, make up and now he even agreed to Jason’s proposition to take him out.
Jason was satisfied with the result. The mind altering tape that he played when Brandy was sleeping really worked. A few more sessions and Brandy will finally become his lovely girlfriend


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