The Sound of The Ocean

Did you know you can hear the sound of the ocean by placing a shell on your ear? Well, I tried it but this happened.

I was walking alone by the beach, enjoying my day. When I found an empty shell, I picked it up and place it on my ear. But instead of hearing the sound of the ocean, I felt my head getting dizzy as my vision blurred. When my dizziness gone, and I regained my vision, somehow I was in a different place. It felt unfamiliar.

I soon realize that I wasn’t even on my body anymore, I was holding a shell too on my right hand, but I wasn’t me. I was in a body of a woman. And by curiousity I pulled down the white dress that I wear, revealing my breasts. I noticed that I was still in public place so I quickly cover my breasts back with my dress, and tried to find the home of the body I now possess.

Later I find out, that the shell had magic power from the ocean, and somehow that power swapped my body with this girl when we both hearing from the shell at the same time. Well, there are no more magic left on our shells, and I guess I’ll stuck as her for the rest of my life. But I’m sure it will be a good life for me as this woman.


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