A world of difference

Quinn dipped his head as he sat waiting in the car for his girlfriend Mina to come back. Wait, he was the girl now, and so he…she…he was her man now…god, there was a world of difference between the two! He stamped his feet.

“I’ve got the snowcones, Quinn,” said Mina, handing him one. “What’s wrong, cutie? I know that we had an accident with the medallion, and I’m sorry for losing it, but things can’t be that bad, can they? I mean, we’re at the beach and the sun is shining and we do have each other, don’t we?” She stood there worriedly at the side of the car and licked her snowcone.

At that moment Quinn realized that the world of difference was all in his head. He was now a she. She said meekly, “You’re right, Quinn,” licking her snowcone. “But do still I feel hot down here, dear, and my blue dress is clinging and would you…ummm….” she said, thrusting her thin arms into the seat so her tits would look more perky.

Mina understood immediately and said: “Yes I can, and welcome to the a totally different world, cutie. Just wait a sec though. When I come back I’ll have LOTS of things to show you,” said Mina as she prepared to be Quinn for the rest of her life. (Goodness, it felt nice to have a swinging dick.) She strutted out to the beach.

As she dropped the medallion into the surf and watched ocean carry it out, she whispered: “I’m Quinn now, and you’re Mina.”

The new reinvented Quinn walked back to the car and opened the passenger door. His girlfriend looked up longingly. “Come here, Mina, and take my cock in you,” he said, grabbing her to the sand.


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